Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our evacuation story

I've been so busy rebuilding that I have not taken the time to write out our story from the flood. Luckily I am married to a very talented writer who took the time to get the story down. It is worth your time to read it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Positions of Strength in the Valley of Adversity

Sunday Sermon "Positions of Strength in the Valley of Adversity"

Federal Disaster Declared

The day in day out work continues all around my village. You can see on people's faces the wearying nature that this desaster is putting on people. But in the midst of the trial God's good favor is ever present.
Conditions report: As I previously mentioned our home took 2 feet of water, with our shop taking right at 4 feet. The church building took right at 1 inch. I spent the first week after I returned      removing damaged furniture, clothing, bedding, food, books, toys, etc, then was able to pull the carpet. I left for a brief time to get Shell and the kids off for a more normal summer. When I returned I began to cut out all drywall/insulation at four feet. Along with removing the insulation from the floor of the house. Thank the Lord for the help from other men in the church. I'd still be cutting Sheetrock otherwise. After three weeks of no functioning sewer I was finally able to reconnect the lines. One week after that I was able to cobble together a system for running water. This is only a temporary fix and will have to be drematically altered before winter if the city isn't able to reestablish running water.
Two Sundays ago we coordinated with a team of three snow machine mechanics who worked one day and were able to save 13 snow machines for 10 families.
Currently I'm hosting a team of five from the Gathering Place Church in Pineville Louisiana. Three teens and two adults. And they have been doing a great job serving. 
Finally I've been blessed to have a SEND Summer Missionary named Ben Martinkie who chose to come to Galena. He's staying with me and has been here since mid June.
By the end of this week the parsonage and church building will be compleatly ready for materials to arrive.

Things you can be praying for:
- that Galena would know of the love and  grace of God through our continued actions. 
- Pray for the pastors that will be seeing Galena next week. Pray that God would stir up in them a deep passion for missions and church planting in the villages of Alaska.
- pray for me and the other men of the church who are separated from our families for this season.
- pray that The Lord would lesson the mosquito population.