Friday, September 16, 2011

Hopefully the "Cattle on a thousand hills" includes moose.

Didn't know that a three wheeler was a family vehicle.
In Psalm 50:10 God says "For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills." That's good news for the missionary in Bush Alaska. However, so far, God has not let us have one of them. I successfully took a group of 6 people plus myself 30+ miles down river to hunt for moose. We saw several cows (female moose), and a calf or two, but no bulls. I should have taken a picture of the boat loaded, because we were a sight. Seven people, one three wheeler, all our gear, 40 gallons of fuel, 10 gallons of water, 3days worth of fire wood, and a lot of hope for meat. It was my first time to navigate the Yukon on my own, so getting there and getting back was a very exciting event. All of the people that went attend the Bible church and most didn't really know each other, because they are new to town. It was a great opportunity to hear the heart for ministry that all had. God is MOVING and we are so excited.

Keith Ramos and I left out this past Sunday afternoon and hunted until Wednesday. We found a beautiful spot and saw over 10 different moose. But all were cows and calves. We are going back this Sunday after church and are ready to stay until Friday or until we get a moose. We did have a blessing come our way. One of the church members shot a black bear and gave us two quarters of it. You haven't had good breakfast sausage until you've had bear sausage!!
My Nephew Daniel hanging bear quarters while I'm away hunting. Thanks Daniel!!
Watching dad cut meat is only fun for so long.
Church has been awesome the past several weekends. Sunday school has been going great. We've had about 11 or 12 children in their new Sunday school class, and we've been having all of their parents attend the other class plus some without kids! We have too many attending the adult group for the small classroom that they have to meet in, and are looking at our options with that. We had two other community members attend church for the first time this past Sunday and the Body seemed to really rally around them. Potlucks have been going well. We could really use some help with paper products. If you would like to help in this way please let me know.
Yesterday Shell and I helped with the monthly YoungLife Flight that is provided by Illiamna Air Taxi. They flew out several people on the flight, some were YoungLife supporters who came to see Galena. Some came to stay over the weekend and put on a wrestling workshop and share Christ with the students who attend  that. There was one couple that came that I was especially excited to see. One of the new dorm staff's parents were coming out on the flight to visit them. Come to find out the dad of that dorm staff was my first Youth Pastor when I was in the seventh grade. And now I'm his son's pastor! BIG state, but small world.

Things you can be praying for this week:
  • Safety and harvest. If we don't get a moose, there is a good chance that we will not have enough meat to make it through the winter. We are hoping to have enough to be able to share with the other families that have just moved to Alaska and can't hunt. Pray that Keith Ramos and I will find success and a safe return.
  • Safety for the the other church members and community members who are on the river hunting. Some are traveling as far as 6 hrs. by boat to hunting areas.
  • Pray for dorm kids. As I have mentioned before, dorm life is challenging for a lot of these teens. Homesickness, and cultural shock lead to depression and a desire to go home for several of the teens. Pray that God would strengthen the dorm staff to be encourager to the students. Pray that believing dorm staff would be able to show Christ's love and care for these kids.
  • Sept 23rd Four men from Gathering Place Church in Pineville Louisiana will be traveling to Galena for a week long mission trip.  Pray for safety and stamina (I think their total flying time with layovers is about 28 hours.) Pray for them for that week that they'll be able to get done all the projects that we need help with.
Thank you so much for your prayer and support. Please feel free to comment or email me. I love hearing from you. Also feel free to share this blog with anyone who might be interested in Alaska missions.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Praise and Prayer

Hello friends! I'm a few minutes to do a short post to bring  you up to speed on the Awesome things God is doing and how you can pray specifically for us and Galena.
1. Praise - Shell and Clint flew into Anchorage to see a pediatric cardiologist and optometrist. Our local Dr had heard a heart murmur on Clint and wanted to get it checked out. The cardiologist confirmed that in fact he heard two heart murmurs, BUT they were both quiet (this is how they gauge the severity) and that they sounded like the kind that Clint would out grow! Praise the Lord! Shell and Clint arrived home safely yesterday morning.
2. Praise - Last Sunday we had 64 people attend church! There was even a lifelong Galena resident that came for the first time in her life!
3. Prayer - Tomorrow I leave to take 6 other people down river to hunt for moose. I will not be hunting, but acting as a transporter, and pack mule for any meat that is harvested. 5 of the 7 people going need meat for this winter and we'll have the ability to get 3 moose between those able to hunt. Pray that God blesses and fills our freezers. Pray for safety as well.
4. Praise and Prayer - Today we start Sunday School again. We are so excited about the Children's ministry opportunity that God is building before us. Please pray that we would have the enthusiastic volunteers that we need to make it an impactful experience. Pray for Brad Fox as he begins to do the Adult discipleship aspect of our Sunday School as well.
5. Prayer and praise: The past month has seen 3 village elders deaths, all from natural causes. This past week a long time resident of Galena passed away. His brother attended our church from out of state while visiting him here. He shared with me how most of his brothers life had been spent in anger toward Christ and the things of God. BUT he also shared with me that the previous week, his brother had asked him what he needed to do to be right with God. His brother lead him to know Christ! Yesterday at the funeral his brother was able to share the clear Gospel to a community hall full of Galena residents! Pray that this act of God's grace would penetrate the hearts of people who knew this man.

Thanks you for you love and prayer for us!!