Monday, February 28, 2011

On Mission with Christ

A cloudy day over the Yukon.
Dear Friends,

The past two Sundays have been fantastic in spirit and attendance. Last Sunday we had 20 students from the dorm attend church! That's not including the 5 or so that get picked up to come every week. This past Sunday was well attended also, and I even had a student that came and asked if he could help with music next Sunday. I have been told that ministry in the 'bush' takes a long time to till and plant the Gospel before you see any fruit. David Pavish, one of the church council members and the area YoungLife director reported that a student that they have been ministering to for the past 6 years just gave his life to Christ this past week! It was such an encouragement to all the leaders of Galena Bible Church who have been laboring in the mission God has for them here. Shell and I are so excited to just get to be a part of what God's work.

Pastor Glen Whatley getting a Galena style tour of the country side.
 We also had the privilege of hosting pastor Glen Whatley of the Gathering Place Church from Pineville, Louisiana. Glen shared his heart with the church council and expressed a desire to help meet the ministry needs of Galena. They are now prayerfully considering how their church can serve the Lord here. One funny God moment happened while Glen and I were visiting one night. He told me about a missionary couple in Sophia, Bulgaria that their church supports. I have a very good friend that is serving in Sophia. Both families are from southern Louisiana, and neither knew the other was there. So from our living room in Galena, AK we were able to Skype and facebook the missionaries and make a connection for two Louisiana families that thought they were alone in Sophia, Bulgaria. Praise God for his sense of humor!!

  • Thank you for your prayer and support of us and our ministry. Most of our pledged givers have been sending their support to the Galena Bible Church. If you don't have the address for that it is PO BOX 147 Galena, AK 99741. Please indicate that your gift is for the Pastor Support Fund.
  •  I have not been in any pain from my tooth for a week. I am going into Fairbanks today to have it looked at again. Thank you for your prayers I don't know that I would have survived another week in the pain that I was in.
Things you can pray for in the coming week:
  •  The Broken Walls band is coming to Galena on their Iditarod Tour Tuesday the 1st. Pray that God uses their message of Grace to share the Gospel with people. 
  •  Pray for the Galena Bible Church Council as we make important decisions about building needs.
  • Pray for David Pavish, that the young man's decision to follow Christ would be a great encouragement for David as he can see the fruit of his labor in teen ministry.

May the God of all Grace bless you and keep you firmly in the center of His will this week.
Chris Kopp

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