Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pretending to be a "normal" church

Sunday school, Sunday services, and Potluck...all in a "normal" Sunday, in any "normal" church right? That's what we had planned for church: Sunday School, Sunday services, and Potluck...normal. Except it's -52F outside. At that temperature when you turn the key on our vehicle it sounds like a teenager on a Saturday morning when you're trying to wake them up to do chores. It doesn't start, we'll put it that way. I don't think I've ever posted anything condescending on Facebook before, but I was tempted this Sunday. It would have said something like, "It's -52 outside and our van won't start, so I drug a sled with my daughter and a crockpot of soup 3/4 of a mile to get to church on time...what's your excuse for not going to church today?" I think Dale Carnegie said that this was not a good way to win friends and influence people though.

We have excuses all the time for why we don't do what the Lord commands for us to do.  In the above picture (which was taken this past -52F Sunday) there were 8 vehicles parked in front of the church. The rest walked. I'm so grateful and humbled by this group of believers that wants to be together, and be in worship and the Word!

Things you can be praying for:
  • I (Chris) will be attending an Arctic Barnabas Men's retreat in Soldotna this week. Pray that it is a time of rest, and connection with other missionaries and pastors around the state.
  • Pray that the Lord would give protection to the men in Galena from the spirits of depression and hopelessness. Pray that the Lord would make them receptive to the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for our sister church in Huslia as they harvest logs for an addition to their church building. Pray that they would be protected as they work to fell the larger trees.

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