Monday, February 25, 2013

Baptism at ten below


Theresa (SEND missionary) who spent a year living the gospel in front of Kimberly!
Well, as you can tell by the above pictures we cheated the weather for this baptism. It may have been -10F outside, but thanks to the City of Galena, the indoor pool was very comfortable. Sure beats cutting a whole in the Yukon (don't worry, we wouldn't actually do that.)
Kimberly shared her story of God's great grace towards her. We celebrated baptism after our normal church service and all drove over to the pool. Later that day I was talking with Martin Hornfischer (a SEND Missionary in Galena) and we realized that since we've been here, there have been four people who have become believers who are faithfully growing in their walk with Christ! What a great encouragement to know that God is blessing the faithful service of believers in Galena.
Last week the youth group from Faith Bible Fellowship ended their 8th annual mission trip to Galena. They were such a blessing to the various ministries in Galena. One of the guys spent an entire day helping me get the transmission out of our explorer. Praise God, we got it out and sent into Anchorage to be rebuilt. Hopefully we'll have it back by the middle of March and can start putting the truck back together. Just another example of the unique challenges experienced while serving in the bush.

Things you can be praying for:
  • We'll be sending a team to the village of Ruby in the next couple of weeks to encourage the group of believers there. Pray that God would grant safety, and provide new connections to the community.
  • Pray for Brad and Madeline Fox (SEND Missionaries) as they continue to wait on the Lord's leading for where to plant a church in the interior of Alaska.
  • At the end of March Galena Bible Church will be hosting a Marriage conference. I (Chris) will be leading the teaching and a team from Louisiana will be providing child care and facilitating a date night for those who attend. Please begin praying now that as we advertise this in the community we'd make some connections with couples that need encouragement. Pray for the couples from the church that will attend, that they will be reminded of what it means when Solomon says "This is my beloved, and this is my friend." 
  • Pray for Carry the Cure & Broken Walls as they come and share their message of hope along the Iditarod trail. They'll be in Galena March 5th.

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