Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Meta-Narative

Several years ago there was a movie called "The Truman Show" where Jim Carey played a man who's whole life had been a TV show without his knowing it. He thinks the world around him is normal and real, but in reality it is all an act. Since that movie was produced psychologists have categorized a mental disorder for people around that idea. The Truman Show delusion is a type of persecutor/grandiose delusion in which patients believe their lives are staged plays or reality television shows (1). They believe that the story revolves around them.
Unfortunately all of us at some time or another can slip into that same mindset. That the world does (or at least should) revolve around us. We're not clinical, and when confronted with the truth we are quick to acknowledge that we are in fact not the center of the universe. This is where it is helpful for us as Christians to understand what it means for us to be in the "Meta-narrative" of God's redemptive work(that can be your new word for the week). A meta-narrative is a larger story that is comprised of many smaller stories, but ultimately is about one story. Think Lord of the Rings trilogy, not just Gollum and Sam Wise arguing over the proper preparation of rabbit. The Bible is Meta-narrative. There are individual stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, 700 left handed slingshot welding hair killers (it's in'll have to dig for it). And of course there's Jesus, the cross, resurrection, ascension, and coronation. And then there's us. Did you know you are in the Bible? Jesus prayed for you. God knew you before the foundation of the earth and determined to redeem you for His glory. The story isn't about us, though we are in it. The story is about Jesus who is throughout it all, from the first promise, to the covenants, to the sacrifices, to the remnant, to Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and You. The story is one whole story of God's faithfulness, love, grace, and justice. Our little subplot is a small part of the eternal story of God.
A young woman who became a Christian a couple of months ago blessed my and Shell's story by sharing what God is burdening her heart for. There is no church in her village. No one who would teach the Bible. No one who would declare God's love to her people, her family. So this summer, she will. She's already asked permission to hold a Bible study. This young believer has come to know the story of God and wants to be a part of it! Who knows what the Lord can do with her, but I'm praying that he leads an entire village to faith in Jesus because this precious one was willing to walk in faith. Would you be praying for that with us?
No matter where you are in your own story, remember you are a part of the Meta-narrative of God's eternal glory, and redemptive purpose in His creation. Thanks for being a part of our story as well.

Things you can be praying for:
  • Students - As school ends our students will return to places where, for some of them, there is no Gospel teaching church. Pray for them for streangth, and pray that we as a church would be able to stay connected with them over the summer.
  • SEND North Missionaries - Many of the missionary families that we work closely with are experiencing various trials. Pray that discouragement would not win the day, but rather that perseverance would be built up leading to greater faith.
  • The City of Galena - currently the Yukon river ice is just under 5' thick. When the river finally breaks there is always the possibility of severe flooding for the villages along the Yukon. Pray for protection and specifically for gradually warming weather.

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