Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's going on in our world

It has been far too long since I have done a general "what are we up to" post. So here it goes:
Back in February we had the pleasure of hosting our second Galena Bible Church Marriage Conference. These great folks from FBC Lake Jackson came and blessed about 20 couples with great teaching, childcare, and a date night.
As you may have already read, I ended up making two trips to Louisiana over the course of three weeks to spend time with my grandmother and then perform her funeral. It was a time of mixed feelings but God was unbelievably faithful to us during that time. 
Upon returning from travels we began our annual firewood harvest. This year proved to be challenging because of a new road that is being out to the dump. Steep sides and a gravel top with no snow made the road nearly impossible to cross with a 1200# load of fire wood. Thankfully someone with a plow pushed snow across one spot in the road and made it passable for a little while anyway. 

Last week we hosted a team from Grace Bible Church, Bozeman MT who worked diligently on the church house and improvements on the main church building. Meanwhile all the SEND missionaries and our family traveled to Anchorage to attend SEND's annual conference. The above picture is how our missionary plane showed up that we would travel to Anchorage in. This is what a trip to HomeDepot looks like for us. 
It was really encouraging to hear how God is at work across the state. 
How can you be praying:
- Pray for the team of ladies from the Gathering Place Church who will be coming to encourage ladies this next week. 
- Pray for teachers and dorm staff as they wrap up their year with students. 
- Pray for Samaritan's Purse as they work through the challenge of planning work in Galena this Summer. 

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