Monday, November 17, 2014

Exciting Normalcy

November is about the only time that I would say, for me, that ministry life feels normal. It's not that it's absent of busy schedules, it's just routine schedule. Nothing normally out of the ordinary. That said, normal is some exciting stuff around here. Yesterday afternoon we sent a team from GBC 60 miles north to share the testimonies of two native ladies who's lives have been changed through the Gospel. The reports I've heard were they were well received and we pray that the Holy Spirit would do the same work in the hearers as He did in these two ladies.

Meetings are normal too. We have a weekly meeting of SEND guys to talk through vision, planned trips, personal challenges, and planting churches. We have a monthly meeting of the elders of GBC where we prayerfully look to the spiritual health of the church. We also have a bi annual meeting for the SEND North interior team which currently represents three villages and 8 missionary families. Here we dream and ask what we can do to join God in His work to make disciples and plant churches. Meetings can be boring, but not when the Gospel is involved. 

Then there's what we would call everyday life normal. Fourwheeler fall through the ice? (Not mine by the way) Happens man. Sure we'll go play arctic AAA service. I love that brothers are not afraid to ask for help, and I love that there are brothers who will help. The Gospel creates a family that would otherwise not exist. Exciting normal. 

So how about you? Feel busy, worn thin, or have too much on your plate? Look through the lense of living and shareing the Good News of Jesus. If it can't be shaped by the Gospel, I'm convinced it shouldn't be what you are doing. 

Special Giving Idea: the SEND North 206 airplane that we use to travel to villages without evangelical churches costs $260/hr to operate. Maybe this Christmas you'd like to sponsor a trip or two. Average round trip time is about 3 hours to our furthest village. Email me at for giving details. 

Things you can be praying for:
- That people would come to know Jesus in Galena and the surrounding villages. 
- That dorm staff would find the selfcare that they need as they pour themselves into teenagers lives. 
- For the team led by Bill Pagaran of Carry the Cure who is comin to serve in Galena this week. 

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