Sunday, February 1, 2015

Missional thoughts on the SuperBowl

We "cut the cord" on TV about two years ago and really have enjoyed not knowing what's going on in the world of sitcoms. About the only time we tend to miss having it is during football season. We're not die hard fans but we do enjoy watching the Saints play from time to time. (Don't judge cause I've read the Bible and I'm pretty sure God loves the Saints!)
We didn't catch the SuperBowl this year but with the Seahawks playing (the team geographically closest to Alaska) there was quite a buzz from the 12th man in Alaska. In the midst of doing other Sunday afternoon things around the house, I watched the game play out on people's Twitter and FaceBook feeds and I made some observations:

1. We were made to worship. I'm not saying the fans were 'worshiping" their teams but there was a deep longing and connection that expressed itself in passionate action. Their actions in no way changed the players or the game in any way, it was a receiving from the team enjoyment, and then expressing satisfaction. This is how worship of our God is always ment to be. Our worship in no way changes what God does or who He is, but rather completes our satisfaction in Him. 

2. There's enough expendable money to end global poverty and world hunger. It's not a sin to spend money on things we enjoy. The point is as we see how much money is disposable (the SuperBowl does become a god if we think we could not live without it) entertainment we realize that Global challenges that can be fixed with money are not insurmountable.
3. We were made for a community on mission. It's not good that man should be alone, is what God had to say about our condition. When you watch football fans from every socioeconomic, regional, and ethnic starta unite around a common goal of victory it should be a reminder to followers of Jesus that salvation was a community creating event with a clear mission given. Christ glorified and disciples made from all the ends of the earth. You may not like a coach or prefer to watch from a box suite rather than don body paint but the mission is the same. Cheer the team on. 

4. As Christians none of us are called to "watch the game". We are called to be IN the game. Run with endurance, Paul tells us. Leave it all on the field. Press on to take hold of the upward call of God. This isn't a game. This isn't practice. This is the one brief life we were given. Get in the game for the Gospel's sake. 

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Steve Hampton said...

The most insightful commentary I've read on any super bowl.