Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is how we Roll/Fly!!

The definition of a modern day miracle:
23 pieces of baggage
2 dogs
3 children
2 adults
All successfully arrive in Anchorage Alaska!!
God blessed us so much along the way in this journey, that it was almost comical and we had to ask God "OK what next?" On our flight from Lafayette to Dallas, we were not able to sit together as a family, so the boys sat together, I sat behind them, and Shell sat behind me. There were 3 'grandparent' type individuals who sat beside the boys and took care of them the whole flight, wiping the PB&J off their face, opening their juice boxes, etc. Shell just so happened to sit next to a lady that was the wife of a mission pastor at a church in Austin TX. She and her husband are moving to Africa this summer. When Shell and I were trying to gather up our children and 12 carry on items, one of the "grandmotherly" ladies offered to help us get all our stuff to our next gate...three terminals over! She just happened to have been a missionary in Australia. On our flight, from Seattle to Anchorage we weren't able to sit together again, so Clint and I sat together, and Shell, Preston and Cara sat diagonal behind us. We had the opportunity to talk with a man in his late fifties, that was also moving back to Alaska, and was in a place of spiritual vulnerability. He had been an elder in the Mormon church, but had become disenfranchised to that church. He asked all kinds of questions about what we were doing, and couldn't believe that we would sell everything to follow Christ where he is leading us. I gave him one of my cards and told him of a great church in the Anchorage area that he was really interested in attending. You can pray for Russell, God is calling him to himself.
We are enjoying 2 days of visiting with my brother and his family in Houston, AK. We'll begin arctic gear shopping today, and head into Anchorage tomorrow to buy our 4 mo worth of groceries. We will also be meeting with several churches and christian leaders in the Anchorage area. Please pray that God would guide our conversations for his glory.
Other things to pray for:
- I'll be sharing the need for Sunday meals for dorm kids at FBC Big Lake Sunday morning.
- We as a family will be meeting the missions committee at Faith Bible Church in Wasilla, AK Sunday night.
- Pray for Kim Kopp as she travels to meet us on Thursday to help with meetings and shopping.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support!

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The Volentine's said...

Wow God is SO mighty! Give Shell a big hug, I miss her already, and Pretzel Cwint and that baby girl too ;)