Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moose, Blizzards, and Prom dresses?

Last years calf, 10' from our deck.
Snow storm on April 7th. Photo care of Keith Ramos.
If Galena is anything, it is out of the ordinary. In recent days we've experienced sub zero nights, and 40+ days. Snow and sunshine, all in the same day. Two weeks ago we accumulated 10 to 12 inches of snow. This week it looks like we'll be seeing the ground soon. The days are getting longer. The sun is up well before 6am, and it's still twilight at midnight. The roads are slushy and the snow machining is coming to an end.
KIYU posted today that the unofficial snowfall for Galena this winter was 97 inches of snow.
What a great season to do ministry!
Photo care of Adrian Johnson.
This past week Galena Bible Church partnered with Galena YoungLife in ministry to dorm kids through a very practical teen event. PROM. Yes, Bush students have prom too, but there is a different problem to overcome here. There are no stores to buy formal wear for a dance. So last year a young lady in Big Lake, Alaska took it upon herself to collect donated prom and bridesmaid dresses and have them brought to Galena. This year she focused on collecting plus size dresses and menswear. Galena Bible Church was set up with racks of dresses and dress shirts, ties and high heels, full length mirrors and changing rooms.
Thursday night the boys were allowed to come and choose their attire and were fitted accordingly. Friday night the girls did likewise.  We even had ladies from the community volunteer their time and sewing abilities to do alterations.
One of the volunteers that came out to help with these events this year was a lady who is a professional nutritionist and a strong Christian. When she was a teenager she struggled with eating disorders and self image. On Saturday she shared a talk at the Church called "Beautiful You" to dorm girls and women from the community, in which she shared her story and how she found beauty through who Christ had made her to be. That evening the ladies of YoungLife and Galena Bible Church hosted a fashion show for girls from GILA and the community to attend.

Innovation, creativity, and flexibility are foundational elements of ministry here, and we were so excited to see teens being loved by God's people who had truely become "all things to all people".

Sunday's service was packed this past weekend. We had to add extra chairs in the back again. What a blessing. We have been preaching through a series called "Just like Jesus" looking at the character and actions of Jesus in areas like: Temptation, Endurance, and Generosity. In coming weeks we will be looking at Forgiveness, Anger (yes Jesus did get angry a time or two), Service, and Love. Please pray that these messages empower the Church to be just like Jesus.

Things you can be praying for:
- This Saturday Galena Bible Church is hosting the Kids Club Community Easter Egg Hunt. I've been asked to give an object lesson to the children that participate. Pray that God gives me wisdom and creativity to show how much Christ loves them.
- Summer Projects. We have had a couple of churches say they would like to help contribute financially to help with our summer construction projects, but we are still needing a significant amount towards our goal of $9000.
- Pray for us as we make Summer travel plans. We will be out of Alaska from May 31st until June 29th. Pray that God fits all the pieces together for support raising, moving our remaining stuff, and family vacation time. If your church would like to have us speak during that time please let me know ASAP.

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